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Scrap Kits
Although part of the package price includes the scrap kit, the designers terms of use state that we may not give a copy to our clients. We are only allowed to give flattened images of the design.

The layouts and design elements of Dream Team Designs are protected by Copyright Law. No part of any blog design may be altered, copied, shared, resold or given away for any reason. You may not install your design on additional blogs or use any elements from your design on other sites like Facebook, Twitter, message boards, other websites and social media sites without our written permission (excluding buttons that are made to be shared with your readers).

The name Dream Team Designs with a link back to our site and the designer of the scrap kit that we use are at the bottom of every blog we design. That information is required to remain on your blog as long as you are using the design. If you remove the credit link, you also agree to remove every part of your design created by Dream Team Designs. We place our button that links back to our site in the sidebar of every blog we design. The button may be moved to wherever you prefer and is not required to stay, but we greatly appreciate if it does.

Blog Name and Image Use
You agree to allow Dream Team Designs the use your blog name, URL and before and after images for promotional purposes.

Items Not Covered Here
Use of Dream Team Designs work is not limited to what is listed here. Any use of our layouts or design elements outside of the website it was designed for is not allowed without our expressed written permission. Basically, please ask. We may be happy to grant your request. Please do not forget that we are also bound by the Terms of Use of the artists that we work with. There may be times we may not be able to say yes even if we wanted to.

These Policies and Terms can be updated without notice.