When you are ready to submit your design request please copy and paste this questionnaire into an email, fill it out, and send it to

1. Your name:

2. URL of your blog:

3. E-mail address and password you use to log-in to your blog:

4. Username and password for a Photobucket account (free at
    Blogger does not let you upload blog buttons, signtures, or post separators so this is where these
    images will be hosted.

Sometimes Blogger detects we are in a different location when we log in and a security measure pops up. Please also let us know the city or town where you usually log in:

5. What is the name and designer of the kit you've chosen?

6. What is the web address of the page you found the kit on?

7. What are your favorite papers and elements in your kit?

8. Are there papers or elements that you don't care for in your kit?

9. What title would you like for your blog?

10. Do you have certain fonts in mind for your header and sidebar headers?

11. What would you like your signature to say? Do you have a font in mind?

12. Would you like your sidebar to be on the right or left? (or indicate 3 column layout)

13. Would you like to include any upgrades from the Add-Ons menu?

14. What are the titles for your custom sidebar headers? (up to 7) Try to keep them short.
       ex. About Me, Followers, Blogs I Follow, etc.

15. Any additional information that might help us design a blog you'll love?

After you have emailed us your questionnaire, please send your deposit to be placed on our waiting list.